About Us

 Our mission here at Slater's STASH is to provide top quality medicinal THC, and do so conveniently and easy.

We are a women owned company, founded by Leela Slater and Drew Slater. While studying sustainable agriculture here in South Carolina, Leela worked as a legal representative to legalize cannabis. In 2018 the Federal Farm Bill legalized all hemp products containing .3%THC, and delta-8 was born.

What is Delta-8?

To begin, regular cannabis is Delta-9. Here are the differences: Delta-8 is made from the flowers of hemp, it is ~25% less potent than its sister cannabis, and the one compound missing is the paranoia. That's right... Delta-8 can not make you feel anxious or paranoid, usually felt while using Delta-9. Because of the nature of the hemp plant, the flowers are typically made into a distillate. This process is water based, and does not alter the chemical nature of the plant, essentially we are making an ingest-able essential oil from the flowers of hemp. This distillate is .3%THC, and contains little to no CBD. The distillate is then either vaped, or added to edibles.

Slater Stash Delta-8 is the best on the market. We start with organically grown hemp in Oregon, transport it to Tennessee where it is distilled and made into our products. We personally develop and test everything we sell. We are proud of Slater Stash, we love it and we guarantee you will too!

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