Meet The Slaters

We started Slater's Stash with the mission to help the world feel happier.

Following the wake of the 2019 agriculture bill that legalized THC in hemp, we set out to make the best quality Delta-8, and Slater's Stash was born! Our mission was clear, to help people feel happier by bringing Delta-8 to the retail community.

Delta-8 contains THC and is a 21+ product. The first delta-8 products began to be sold in vape shops. The vape shop experience is rarely to be desired, particularly for women. Vape shops are usually located in undesirable areas, with blacked out windows and flickering neon lights. Removing this stereotypical vape shop persona was the first step to changing the stereotype of weed from dark and scary, to light and happy!

Within a few months we successfully created our first Delta-8 products. We were thrilled with what we had created and could not wait to share it with you. But, we had a rather large dilemma... where could we sell our high quality Delta-8 products? At the time selling online was not as option as it is now.

While watching the sunset at our local beach, we had a light bulb moment. What if we converted an old vending machine and placed it in a well lit brewery? We love breweries because while they are 21+ establishments, they are safe for women, and are child and pet friendly.

We got to work renovating a vintage 1980's vending machine. After lots of trial and error, we placed our first Stash Box at Fatty's Beer Works in Charleston SC, and the rest is history At the end of the day, we are about making the world a better place, providing you a natural and safe alternative to feeling good.

Please always feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, we are here to help you feel happy.

With love and light, 
Leela & Drew